August 01, 2017


In collaboration with nike, to tell you guys my story about how i achieved a change of mind through the power of sports.

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I have always been an anxious kid, and I used to feel overwhelmed by my responsibilities. During those days of anxiety and even depression, I didn’t feel like going out or almost doing anything at all.

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I always thought it was the way I was. I thought I couldn't change my mind because I was born this way. To be honest, I’ve never thought that working out could help me with my anxiety.

But one day, almost 5 years ago now, I discovered Pilates. In the beginning, I was reticent about it, but after a few weeks practicing it, I fell in love with it.

Practicing Pilates literally cleared my mind, making me feel stronger and capable of much more. I started believing I was capable of achieving a change of mind, and it finally happened. I started setting mini goals, and achieving every of them. I know there’s still a long road for me, but I also know I’m capable and strong enough to achieve my goals.

Do you guys have any similar story? How sports help you in life? Share your #believeinmore story in the comments below so we can all empower ourselves!

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  1. Que blog mais amor!!! Linda essa seu look da Nike!! ❤

  2. Nunca probé el pilates pero debería probarlo por mi ansiedad y depresión. Odio mucho mi cuerpo y siempre intento hacer ejercicio de abdomen o retos para reducirlo ya que es ver a chicas súper adorables y creerme de menos T///T aún así, voy a intentar lograr mi objetivo y aprenderé a quererme^^


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